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Reviews of Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi

Testseek.com have collected 115 expert reviews of the Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi and the average rating is 84%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Canon EOS 450D Digital Rebel XSi.
Award: Highest Rated April 2008
April 2008
115 Reviews
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The editors liked

  • Very good photo quality (though not at default settings)
  • Remarkably little noise
  • Compact body by DSLR standards (though its not for everyone)
  • Much improved kit lens features image stabilization
  • Large 3inch LCD with live view feature
  • Histogram and...
  • Lownoise sensor raises the bar for entrylevel DSLRs
  • Loads of JPEG processing control in camera
  • AF system still among the best
  • Lots of customizability
  • SD/SDHC card slot
  • Live view LCD
  • Fast
  • Useful and friendly features
  • Compact and lightweight but rugged
  • Large screen
  • More comfortable design
  • Larger
  • Improved LCD
  • Fastest overall speed in its class
  • Excellent image quality with faithful color reproduction
  • Magnificent resolution and image quality. Larger LCD than its predecessor. Live View. Kit lens now has image stabilization.
  • Switch to SDHC memory. Relatively low noise at high ISO settings. New battery with 50% more endurance.
  • Excellent photo quality for its class
  • Better-than-average speed.
  • Easy to use
  • Image stabiliser in standard lens
  • Nice features
  • Live view
  • Very fast 12MP D-SLR
  • Fine picture quality
  • Supplied IS lens
  • Great image quality
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Improved body and control layout
  • Live View
  • Big LCD screen
  • Very good kit lens.
  • Good handling and image quality
  • Decent viewfinder and accurate Live View
  • Kit includes stabilised lens
  • PC remote control software supplied.
  • Small and light
  • Great handling
  • Redesigned GUI
  • Noise control
  • Some useful features
  • Easy to navigate basic features
  • Many proquality features
  • Very comfortable design for a small camera
  • All essential functions are easily accessible while shooting
  • Full feature set.

The editors didn't like

  • JPEGs are very soft at default settings (adjust incamera sharpening or shoot RAW for best results)
  • Small right hand grip
  • "plasticky" body
  • Redeye
  • Seemed to produce an abnormal number of outoffocus shots
  • Very slow contrast detect AF in liv...
  • Camera doesn't feel as nice as it is
  • Revised kit lens still not so hot
  • Live view may or may not be useful
  • Default processing not as vibrant as some competitors
  • Canon Rebel XSi
  • Low maximum ISO setting NillSlightModeratePALPABLEExtreme
  • Image-stabilised lens costs extra
  • No ISO 3200
  • Skin tones are overly red
  • Only average kit lens
  • Hard to access Live View options
  • ISO settings go up to only 1600. The XSis RAW format is not compatible with some image-editing software.
  • ISO tops out at 1600. Plastic body seems too plasticy. ISO in only full stop increments. Lacks the useful HELP mode of its major competitors. A tad bit pricey.Camera Resolution
  • 12.2 megapixels
  • CMOS Sensor
  • Maximum ISO 1600
  • Huge spot-for-spot metering.
  • Change of external media for existing users
  • Film speed capped at ISO1600
  • Easily removable battery door
  • Don’t bother with Live View
  • Flimsy door covering connections
  • *
  • No top-mounted LCD screen
  • Limited customization.
  • Live View not as fuss-free as Sony A350
  • Screen fixed in position
  • Unlike A350
  • Some may find it too small and light
  • Tempting to upgrade further to EOS 40D.
  • Some operational quirks
  • JPEG quality
  • Limited ISO range
  • Noisy mirror and kit lens AF
  • Complicated options may confound newbies
  • Live View focusing can be complicated
  • No dedicated status display.

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  Published: 2012-06-08, review by: The-digital-picture.com

  • Abstract:  A full Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D review is planned. ...

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  Published: 2009-08-21, review by: pricemo.com

  • You can simply rely on the new XSi product from canon as they will serve the quality photos with a class feature quality of photos. You can be impressed with the quality features of the new canon camera and they will always serve better than other came...

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  Published: 2009-03-28, review by: Neocamera.com

  • Abstract:  The Canon Rebel XSi is finally a more complete camera than any Rebel before it. Despite being part of the entry-level Rebel series, the XSi features spot-metering, a 3.5 FPS continuous drive with a deep buffer, depth-of-field preview and finally expos...

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  Published: 2009-01-18, review by: electronicsme.com

  • If you're looking for an entry-level D-SLR, and don't mind shelling out a few more dollars for some excellent features, then the Rebel XSi could be your camera. The added features over the XTi are well worth the difference in price. And if you are a be...

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  Published: 2009-01-17, review by: DigitalReviews.net

  • The choice of a DSLR is a difficult one. Once you start buying lens and accessories you are pretty much committed to the one brand. I had the good fortune of a loan of different branded DSLR for a few months (thanks J!) before I committed to the Cano...

Was this review helpful?   
  Published: 2008-11-15, review by: bobatkins.com

  • Abstract:  The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi (also known as the Canon EOS EOS 450D) is Canons premium "entry level" DSLR. Though similar in concept to the Digital Rebel XTi, the Digital Rebel XSi has a higher pixel count sensor (12MP vs. 10MP), a larger LCD (...

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  Published: 2008-11-05, review by: brighthub.com

  • Abstract:  With a few new features and more refinements and adjustments, the Canon Rebel XSi is a worthy upgrade of its predecessors, the Rebel XT and XTi. This review will unveil some of the noteworthy changes and assess whether or not it is worth upgrading to....

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  Published: 2008-10-31, Author: Ben Long , review by: techworld.com

  • The XSi delivers image quality that’s identical to Canon’s EOS 40D, but for a lot less. What are you giving up if you go for the XSi? The EOS 40D has a faster burst rate (five frames per second versus the Canon Rebel XSi’s three), more customization, ...

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  Published: 2008-10-28, review by: macworld.com

  • Great image quality; excellent low-light performance; improved body and control layout; Live View; big LCD screen; very good kit lens.
  • No top-mounted LCD screen; limited customization.
  • The EOS Rebel XSi is a great DSLR, no matter how you look at it. If you’re shopping for a DSLR that costs less than a grand, this camera must go on your short list. See more like this: cameras pro, creativepro Recommend? 0 YES 0 NO 0 Comments Emai...

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  Published: 2008-10-27, review by: photozone.de

  • Abstract:  The Canon EOS 450D is an excellent all-rounder and much more than a plaything. A great DSLR for beginner and all other photographers that are searching for a light-weight DSLR at a very, very fair price level.The great 12.2 MP CMOS sensor delivers i...

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