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Reviews of Canon EOS 550D Rebel T2i

Testseek.com have collected 115 expert reviews of the Canon EOS 550D Rebel T2i and the average rating is 85%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Canon EOS 550D Rebel T2i.
Award: Most Awarded March 2010
March 2010
115 Reviews
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The editors liked

  • Very good photo quality
  • Excellent high ISO performance
  • Especially considering the 18 Megapixel resolution of the camera
  • Compact body
  • Welldesigned body
  • Ultrahigh resolution 3inch LCD with 3
  • 2 aspect ratio
  • Fast startup
  • Focus
  • Shottoshot times
  • Full manual controls
  • With support for RAW image format
  • RAW format supported
  • Good editing software included
  • Full HD movie recording with full manua
  • Great image quality
  • 1080p HD video at 30 fps
  • 3inch extra sharp LCD with Live View
  • Fast autofocus and camera speeds
  • Excellent detail and resolution (especially in raw mode)
  • Lovely new LCD screen - the 3
  • 2 format really makes a difference
  • Capable
  • Flexible AF system in both phase-detection and live view modes
  • High-spec video mode
  • Including external microphone jack
  • Highly intuitive operation
  • Refined ergonomics
  • Fast and responsive operation (although shooting in raw mode slows things down)
  • Very reliable
  • Excellent 18 megapixel sensor with impressively low noise and superb detail
  • Very good high ISO performance
  • Especially for 18-megapixel subframe sensor
  • Live View mode works very well
  • Live View mode offers a choice between phase-detect
  • Contrast-dete...
  • Tweaked Auto ISO function
  • High resolution LCD screen
  • Quick control function
  • Larger buttons
  • Increased exposure compensation range
  • Battery life
  • Movie mode
  • Higher resolution and improved image quality over previous Rebels
  • Improved video mode with external mic capability
  • LCD with high resolution and new 3
  • 2 dimensions
  • Excellent software bundle for both Mac and Windows users
  • Snappy 3.7 fps in burst mode
  • Fast performance
  • Excellent image quality
  • Full HD video recording
  • Lightweight design
  • Top-notch images. 18-MP resolution. Low noise levels through ISO 3200. Largest and sharpest LCD available on a D-SLR. Multiple HD video-capture modes. Manual exposure control available during video capture. Compatible with SDXC memory cards. HDMI-CEC supp...
  • Affordable
  • HD video specs identical to more expensive Canon 7D
  • 1920x1080 24p
  • High ISO.
  • Imagestabilized kit lens. Threeinch 3
  • 2 aspect ratio LCD with a slightly greater viewing angle than the old version. Dedicated Live View/Movie Record button. Quick Control Screen. External microphone jack. Quicktime H.264 video format. SD memorycard slot handles speedy SDXC memory cards. AV output and HDMI connections. Video in 1080p at 30 and 24 fps
  • 720p at 60 fps
  • 640 x 480 at 60 fps and VGA
  • Accurate colors
  • Quick response of 3.7 fps
  • Good control layout
  • Noise under control up to ISO 1600
  • Excellent photo quality
  • Above average video-capture quality
  • High resolution 18 Megapixel stills
  • Adjustable HD resolution and fps with mic input
  • Superb high resolution screen with 3
  • 2 shape
  • Confident 63-zone metering system from 7D.
  • Fantastic image quality
  • Very versatile
  • Light and compact

The editors didn't like

  • JPEGs are soft at default settings
  • Good lenses needed for best results
  • Redeye a problem
  • No way to remove it in playback mode
  • Small right hand grip not for everyone
  • LCD outdoor visibility could be better
  • Sluggish contrast detect autofocus in live view
  • Continuous shooting mode could be better
  • Very basic playback mode
  • Wireless flash control would've been nice
  • Relatively slow burst mode
  • Video controls could be easier to use
  • Some detail loss in very dark or bright conditions
  • Auto Lighting Optimizer's effect is subtle to the point of being unnoticeable
  • No rear control dial (as found on higher-end Canon bodies)
  • Entry-level ergonomics won't suit everyone (the EOS 50D and 7D just feel nicer)
  • No in-camera raw conversion option
  • Slightly soft JPEG output at default settings (but this is far from unusual)
  • Chroma noise takes a fairly big chunk out of resolution at ISO 12
  • Main dial has too much resistance
  • Is uncomfortable in use
  • No rear control dial
  • Evaluative metering tends to blow highlights
  • Often requires 1/3 to 2/3EV of negative exposure compensation
  • No dedicated AF-assist lamp (flash is used)
  • And AF-assist ad...
  • Small buffer for RAW images
  • Although improved
  • AF during LiveView could still be better
  • Relatively expensive for entry level camera kit
  • Light plastic feel is a turn off for some photographers
  • Autofocus doesn't work in Movie mode
  • Video recording is not as intuitive as with a dedicated camcorder. Frames-per-second capture is slower than the competition.
  • Smaller form size
  • Almost too light
  • Plasticy.
  • Lack of quick control wheel (you have to get Canon's 7D or a higher model to have one). Bothersome autofocus assist flash. Build quality not as robust as feature set.
  • AF Assist lamp not on body
  • Kit lens is weak
  • Problematic videos
  • Annoying viewfinder
  • Irritating control layout for video capture
  • Modest 3.7fps shooting and small RAW buffer
  • Screen fixed in position
  • Unlike several rivals
  • Average 9-point AF system and viewfinder
  • Compelling rivals if you don't care for 1080p movies.
  • A touch too expensive

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  Published: 2012-06-08, review by: The-digital-picture.com

  • Abstract:  A full Canon EOS Rebel T4i / 650D review is planned. ...

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  Published: 2011-03-09, review by: photo.net

  • The Digital Rebel T2i is an impressive camera for the price. In terms of image quality it’s very close to the EOS 7D (which costs twice as much). It has a high resolution sensor, low noise, excellent HD video capabilities, ISO settings up to 12800, 3.5...

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  Published: 2010-12-01, review by: microfilmmaker.com

  • Abstract:  Two years ago, Canon introduced the 5D Mark II camera that revolutionized the video industry. This was the most groundbreaking announcement to the film making community since Panasonic introduced the DVX100 in 2002 bringing 24 frames per second to unde...

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Was this review helpful?   
  Published: 2010-10-20, review by: DigitalReviews.net

  • Abstract:  Canon EOS 550D & 18-135mm KitThe Canon EOS 550D has been around for a little while now, but we got our hands on the 18-135mm IS Kit, thanks to the folks at ImagingWorld.com.au We've given it a bit of a work out over the last week or so, and here's wha...

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  Published: 2010-10-12, review by: electronicsme.com

  • The Canon EOS Rebel T2i Digital-SLR camera almost has too many features to list, with a 18-megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor, DIGIC 4 image processor for high image quality and speed, ISO of 100-6400 (expandable to 12800), enhanced 63-zone, dual-layer mete...

Was this review helpful?   
  Published: 2010-09-29, review by: pdnonline.com

  • Abstract:  Watch Video Please note, the video requires that you have QuickTime 7 installed.If you are using Safari and are having problems viewing this video, Option+Click here to download the video.Editor's Note: PDN Photo Editor Amber Terranova recently had a ...

Was this review helpful?   
  Published: 2010-09-28, review by: g4tv.com

  • Abstract:  Video Review: Utilizing an 18 megapixel sensor and Digick 4 image processor, the Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR camera offers crystal clear pictures, HD video recording and more. Chris Hardwick and Carrie Keagan find out if this camera is worth the $750 pric...

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  Published: 2010-09-20, review by: Laptopmag.com

  • Fast performance, Excellent image quality, Full HD video recording, Lightweight design
  • Autofocus doesn't work in Movie mode
  • A step above entry-level DSLRs, this camera captures stellar photos and HD video while still being easy to use.

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  Published: 2010-09-01, review by: consumersearch.com

  • Great image quality, 1080p HD video at 30 fps, 3inch extra sharp LCD with Live View, Fast autofocus and camera speeds,
  • Relatively slow burst mode, Video controls could be easier to use, Some detail loss in very dark or bright conditions

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  Published: 2010-08-23, review by: ephotozine.com

  • Abstract:  Nikon D90, Canon EOS 550D & Pentax K7 Comparison Test Digital SLR Review Posted: 23 Aug 2010 vv with 18-55mm lens - available from for £679.00 with 18-105mm lens - available from for £778.99 with 18-55mm lens - available from for £799.00.All three ...

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