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Reviews of AMD A10-6800K 4.1GHz Socket FM2

Testseek.com have collected 145 expert reviews of the AMD A10-6800K 4.1GHz Socket FM2 and the average rating is 75%. Scroll down and see all reviews for AMD A10-6800K 4.1GHz Socket FM2.
Award: Most Awarded April 2014
April 2014
145 Reviews
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The editors liked

  • Solid CPU
  • Classleading iGPU performance
  • Dropin upgrade for existing FM2 boards
  • Ideally suited for budget systems
  • AMD adds support for DDR3-2133
  • Nudges performance higher.
  • CPU and graphics both (slightly) improved
  • Compatible with existing FM2-socket motherboards
  • Beats comparatively priced Intel CPUs
  • Integrated GPU Overclocked well
  • AMD Overdrive was very easy to use
  • No Need to get a New Motherboard
  • Amazing overclocking
  • Excellent and affordable entrylevel 3D rendering power
  • Decent iGPU clocking
  • Low platform price
  • Piledriver CPU core design
  • Support for up to two VGAs in CrossfireX with supported board products
  • Support for 31 Eyefinity display co
  • Great overclocking ability
  • Native 2133MHz memory support
  • Continued FM2 based socket

The editors didn't like

  • Minor improvements over Trinity
  • Weak singlethreaded performance
  • Bottom Line
  • AMD's Richland APUs boost clock speeds and refine power consumption. In particular
  • The AMD A10-6800K is a decent
  • Low-cost alternative to Intel's Core i3/i5 products
  • Much less power-efficient than comparable Intel processors
  • Only a minor performance boost over A10-5800K
  • Performance over Trinity doesn't Justify Pricing
  • Same maximum TDP as earlier FM2 products
  • Perhaps a bit late to the market
  • With laptopgrade parts already being for sale
  • Not a true new technology—just clock bumps
  • "Low" but adequate CPU Performance will not appeal to some
  • None

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  Published: 2015-03-25, Author: Rafael Coelho , review by: hardwaresecrets.com

  • Abstract:  After testing two of the most inexpensive processors for desktop computers...

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  Published: 2013-10-07, Author: The Sorcerer , review by: hardwarebbq.com

  • Abstract:  Long story made short, APUs are x86 processors and GPU packed together to enable a better experience in computing, not just for desktops but also for notebook solutions. It all started from Trinity APUs, which were meant to succeed Llano class processors....

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  Published: 2013-09-25, Author: Alex , review by: extremespec.net

  • AMD has just expanded its product range on the market today APU AMD Trinity. Indeed, APU AMD Richland built on the same process technology, use the same number of transistors on the same microarchitecture that we have seen in their predecessors. Perform...

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  Published: 2013-07-07, review by: futurelooks.com

  • Abstract:  HOT! – We're Giving Away a Rosewill Throne Full Tower Chassis! (Ends July 21st, 2013) - ENTER NOW! The introduction of the original AMD FM1 APU (codenamed Llano) was an innovation because, for the first time, a CPU maker treated the on-die GPU as an im...

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  Published: 2013-07-01, review by: silentpcreview.com

  • Abstract:  A follow up to Trinity, AMD's Richland APU architecture utilizes an intelligent power management system to hit higher clock speeds without increasing power consumption.

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  Published: 2013-06-29, review by: phoronix.com

  • Abstract:  For those that have been wondering about AMD Richland APUs, hopefully this article provides some guidance on the CPU side. The Radeon graphics testing will be coming up in another Phoronix article for both the open-source and closed-source Catalyst ...

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  Published: 2013-06-26, review by: overclock3d.net

  • We last talked about AMD's A10-6800K when we were testing completely stock settings and even then we were massively impressed. When compared to its main competition, the Intel i3-3220, it matched the CPU performance in most cases whilst completely dest...

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  Published: 2013-06-17, Author: Scott Wasson , review by: Techreport.com

  • Abstract:  AMD has had a rough time keeping up with Intel in the CPU market for the past couple of years. The firm's Bulldozer CPU architecture hasn't worked out as planned, and AMD has been forced to limit the scope of its ambition. Rather than competing with Intel...

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  Published: 2013-06-12, Author: Tarinder Sandhu , review by: HEXUS.net

  • Solid CPU, classleading iGPU performance, Dropin upgrade for existing FM2 boards, Ideally suited for budget systems
  • Minor improvements over Trinity, Weak singlethreaded performance
  • AMD's Richland APUs have now been transitioned to both laptop and desktop computers, replacing last year's Trinity models. Sporting the same architecture and form factor - Richland is a drop-in upgrade for FM2 desktop boards - the new APUs provide a very...

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  Published: 2013-06-08, Author: Kenny , review by: pureoverclock.com

  • Great overclocking ability, native 2133MHz memory support, Continued FM2 based socket
  • None
  • For little money, the APU A10-6800K can build a great budget gaming PC or workstation with money to spare. Its performance to value ratio is superb....

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