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Reviews of Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2

Testseek.com have collected 9 expert reviews of the Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 and the average rating is 73%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2.
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The editors liked

  • A55 Chipset
  • Humidity Protection
  • Electrostatic Protection
  • Power Failure Protection
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Dual BIOS
  • MicroATX Size
  • AMD Dual Graphics Technology

The editors didn't like

  • Availibility
  • Memory Support for only 1.5V modules
  • HiTech Legion Gold Award
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  Published: 2011-12-07, Author: Sean Kalinich , review by: decryptedtech.com

  • The Gigabyte A55M-DS2 is not going to win any performance crowns. Then again it is not intended to; the A55M-DS2 is meant as a low cost entry level board with room to grow. When we first looked at it we could not decide exactly where it fit into the marke...

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  Published: 2011-10-10, review by: hitechlegion.com

  • A55 Chipset, Humidity Protection, Electrostatic Protection, Power Failure Protection, High Temperature Protection, Dual BIOS, MicroATX Size, AMD Dual Graphics Technology,
  • Availibility, Memory Support for only 1.5V modules, HiTech Legion Gold Award, Discuss this review in our forums
  • When I thought about Llano and the Lynx platform, something more like this is what I pictured. I never thought of a full size desktop computer as having an all in one type system really defeats the purpose. I pictured microATX boards in a small, compac...

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  Published: 2012-06-10, Author: Diego Guerrero , review by: hardwareviews.com

  • Ultra Durable 4. Tecnologías únicas de la marca. Bajas temperaturas. M.I.T Para Overclock. Dual BIOS.
  • No tiene UEFI BIOS

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  Published: 2012-02-04, review by: hardwaremx.com

  • Precio, Posibilidad de tener hasta 32GB en RAM, Formato MicroATX, Conexión de energía de 4 pines,
  • No UEFI, Falta de disipación en fases de poder para aumentar tiempo de vida

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  Published: 2012-07-18, review by: insidehardware.it

  • Il progresso tecnologico ha portato oggi molti utenti a poter ottenere dal settore entry level prestazioni ampiamente sufficienti a rispondere alle proprie esigenze, a differenza del passato, quando si spesso costretti a rivolgersi a soluzioni più costose...

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  Published: 2012-07-25, Author: wildchaser , review by: overclockers.ru

  • Привлекательная цена, Поддержка всех процессоров в конструктиве FM1, Наличие интерфейсов COM, PCI, Неплохие разгонные возможности, Хороший звук
  • Скромный комплект поставки, Отсутствие интерфейсов SATA 6 Гбит/с, USB 3.0, Андрей Понкратов aka wildchaser
  • В целом для офисного применения материнская плата Gigabyte GA-A55M-DS2 вполне подходит. Во-первых, она хорошо показала себя в нештатных режимах работы, что косвенно может свидетельствовать о неплохом запасе надежности. Во-вторых, есть все самое необходи...

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  Published: 2012-08-19, review by: hwt.dk

  • UK summaryproduct Sokkel FM1 og A55 chipset i kompakt formfaktor for under 400,- Er det noget værd? 3,5 0 5 Forrige side ...

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  Published: 2012-05-16, Author: soothepain , review by: coolaler.com

  • Abstract:  相信有不少玩家都會幫朋友親戚組電腦,筆者也常常被問到「現在組一台最便宜的主機大概多少錢」,我大概都會回答一萬元左右,有些人可能會覺得八千就搞定了,不過為了保有出機的利潤品質不要太差,電源跟機殼用比白牌好一點的,的確是需要花到將近一萬元,加上最近硬碟不便宜啊... 其實組裝一台萬元內的影音文書機已經不是什麼新鮮事,其實從十年前大概就是如此的價錢,只是東西一直在汰換進步,現在最基本的影音文書機所搭配的內顯對於3D處理都有基本的效能,要拿來打一些Online GAME可能都不是太大的問題(這邊所指的GAME當然...

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  Published: 2012-03-14, review by: overclockzone.com

  • Abstract:  กราบสวัสดีชาวโอเวอร์คล๊อกโซนกันเช่นเคย ตั้งแต่ที่ทาง AMD ได้ปล่อย APU ออกมาสู่ตลาดจนมา ถึงการปล่อยโมเดลตระกูล A4 ที่เป็น APU ราคาสบายกระเป๋า แต่ว่าก็ยังมีเสียงบ่นกันอีกตามเคยว่าเมนบอร์ดที่เป็น ซ๊อกเก็ต FM1 นั้นมีราคาสูงเกิดไป จนมาถึงการปล่อยชิพเซ็ต AMD A5...

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