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Reviews of Mushkin PC2-8000 1000MHz XP2 Redline DDR2 4GB kit XP2-8000 996593

Testseek.com have collected 4 expert reviews of the Mushkin PC2-8000 1000MHz XP2 Redline DDR2 4GB kit XP2-8000 996593 and the average rating is 94%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Mushkin PC2-8000 1000MHz XP2 Redline DDR2 4GB kit XP2-8000 996593.
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  Published: 2008-03-31, review by: hardwarelogic.com

  • Abstract:  Redline. A term coined from pushing a car to its breaking point, where the tachometer strains all the way over to the red in an effort to warn its careless driver: TOO FAST! But speed is something we covet with our rigs, and Mushkin has aptly named i...

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  Published: 2008-03-21, review by: overclockersclub.com

  • DDR2 1000 Guaranteed, EPP Profile, Overclocking, Low Voltage (Relatively), Performance, Price...
  • Timings...
  • DDR2 1000 speeds guaranteed on a set of memory is old hat. Now instead of the two gig modules, apply that same guarantee to a four gigabyte set and then you have something. To have that same guarantee with a relatively low voltage requirement and the ...

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  Published: 2007-01-21, review by: pc-experience.de

  • exzellente Verarbeitung, schicke Optik, exzellente Leseund Schreibdurchsatzleistungen, sehr hohe Taktraten bei niedrigen Timings möglich, sehr gut programmiertes SPD, Enhanced Performance Profiles, lange Garantiezeit (Europa 15 Jahre, sonst lebensla...
  • billige Verpackung.
  • Einmal mehr hat Mushkin seine Klasse unter Beweis gestellt, das Mushkin XP2-8000 DDR2-1000 Redline Kit glänzte mit superben Timings und erstaunlichen Übertaktungsleistungen.Zur besseren Übersicht noch einmal die wichtigsten Eckdaten des Tests in der Ge...

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  Published: 2009-07-29, review by: thelab.gr

  • Abstract:  Πάει αρκετός καιρός από τότε που έκανε την εμφάνιση της η DDR3 στην αγορά. Αρκετοί τρέξαμε να την υιοθετήσουμε στα συστήματα μας και αρκετοί μείναμε πιστοί στις DDR2 μνήμες μας.Οι λόγοι να παραμείνει κάποιος στην DDR2 πλατφόρμα είναι αρκετοί. Οι δυο κυ...

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