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Reviews of Corsair Flash Voyager USB2

Testseek.com have collected 74 expert reviews of the Corsair Flash Voyager USB2 and the average rating is 82%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Corsair Flash Voyager USB2.
Award: Highest Rated November 2008
November 2008
74 Reviews
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The editors liked

  • Rubberized housing is durable
  • Amazing read speeds
  • Very large capacity!
  • Water resistant!
  • Fast at reading small files!
  • Good set of accessories!
  • 32.1/22.5 MBps sustained throughput
  • Resilient to shock and laundry day
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Quality lanyard
  • Wide range of memory sizes from 128 MB to 8 GB
  • Plus a soon to be released 16 GB version
  • Fair price for the memory size
  • Shock and Water Resistant provided the cap is on
  • Comes with password enabling software
  • Fast Read and Write Speeds
  • Awesome for in...
  • Quick reader
  • Durable
  • Well packed
  • Plug and play
  • Cap wont fall off
  • Low cost per gigabyte
  • Massive storage for a flash drive
  • Durable rubber exterior
  • Data encryption
  • 10year warranty

The editors didn't like

  • Slower at writing smaller files
  • Nowhere to put the cap while the drive is in use
  • The rubber shell attracts dust and is hard to clean
  • Poor performance in writes.
  • Encryption software requires admin privileges
  • Physically blocks adjacent USB port(s)...
  • They really need to attach that cap! If it goes missing
  • Super powers are gone
  • Cheesy lanyard that doesnt even match the colour of the drive.
  • Slower writer
  • Price
  • Slow write speeds
  • Large (for a flash drive)
  • Rubber casing attracts dust
  • Not the fastest flash drive

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  Published: 2010-09-01, review by: consumersearch.com

  • Durable rubber exterior, Data encryption, 10year warranty, Relatively inexpensive,
  • Not the fastest flash drive

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  Published: 2010-07-27, review by: Velocityreviews.com

  • I would have to say, this is one of the best USB flash drives I have ever tested, it has all the protection features, such as, Password, and physical protection such as if its around your neck and you accidentally split some coke, if won't affect it. ...

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  Published: 2010-06-01, review by: toptenreviews.com

  • Abstract:  Corsair specializes in creating durable USB flash drives—their Flash Voyager is nearly indestructible. It has “been laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, and even run over by a SUV,” according to their website.Product Features: The Corsair Flash ...

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  Published: 2009-06-17, review by: overclock3d.net

  • Having read the last page, you're probably expecting the conclusion to be quite so-so, since the performance was not particularly mind-blowing. However, something you really need to bear in mind when buying a USB drive is the enclosure itself. The...

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  Published: 2009-02-03, review by: viperlair.com

  • The Corsair Flash Voyager 64GB fell in line with the other drives weve tested. It was a little faster than the smaller Flash Voyager, as well as being a bit speedier than the Kingston drive. All that being said, it did take over 5 minutes to put a l...

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  Published: 2008-11-22, Author: Andrew Harrison , review by: techworld.com

  • Thanks to its armoured rubbery shell and tight-fitting rubber cap, the Voyager is a robust and water-resistant design, able to hold up against plenty of rough use. A 10-year warranty from Corsair backs up its own confidence in the construction. It may...

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  Published: 2008-11-14, review by: jonnyguru.com

  • Abstract:  Here we are with part two of our Corsair Voyager thumb drive review and this is where I get to introduce you to the mammoth 64GB Corsair Voyager thumb drive.Like the smaller capacity we had a look at last time, the 64GB comes in a blister pack....And...

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  Published: 2008-11-14, review by: Computerpoweruser.com

  • Abstract:  If there’s one tech company that rarely makes a misstep, it’s Corsair. From cooled memory to stalwart power supplies to big, fast USB drives, the well-regarded company’s reputation is one of innovation and quality.

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  Published: 2008-11-10, review by: jonnyguru.com

  • Rubberized housing is durable, Amazing read speeds,
  • Slower at writing smaller files, Nowhere to put the cap while the drive is in use,

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  Published: 2008-11-01, review by: computershopper.com

  • Low cost per gigabyte; massive storage for a flash drive
  • Slow write speeds; large (for a flash drive); rubber casing attracts dust

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