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Testseek.com have collected 57 expert reviews of the Mafia 2 and the average rating is 81%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Mafia 2.
Award: Most Awarded August 2010
August 2010
57 Reviews
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The editors liked

  • Outstanding highdetail graphical textures
  • The story consumes you even if you're no fan of the mob genre
  • APEX PhysX adds convincing realism
  • Very realistic vehicle physics and handling characteristics
  • Several hidden 'Collectables' extend gameplay past plot
  • Stunningly authentic city
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Brutal firefights.
  • Combat
  • Driving
  • Just About Everything Else
  • Audio really sets the 1940’s and 1950’s scenes beautifully. Interesting main story and cutscenes.
  • Fantastic action set pieces
  • Shooting and handtohand combat are both highly satisfying
  • Empire City is beautiful and stuffed with period detail
  • Brutal
  • Involving story populated with interesting
  • Wellacted characters.

The editors didn't like

  • Lacks online multiplayer gameplay
  • Players are restricted to one character role
  • Mafia II can be completed in less than five hours
  • Absolutely glacial pace
  • Driving
  • And more driving
  • Storyline lacks compelling characters and a resolution.
  • Can't jump in the game
  • Not much need to divert from the main story path. Occasional graphical glitches.
  • Not enough to do in the open world
  • Too much time spent on mundane tasks.

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  Published: 2017-04-24, Author: Amanda L. Kondolojy , review by: cheatcc.com

  • Abstract:  Mafia II is a game that is full of surprises. When I first had the opportunity to check out Mafia II in 2009, I was amazed that I had never heard of its predecessor. The premise in the original was simple and followed the story of a lone gangster trying t...

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  Published: 2011-10-24, Author: Jared Petty , review by: gamespy.com

  • Abstract:  Free to play; Lots of things to do, Boring and repetitive; Will likely irritate your friends; Feels more like a hustle than a game; Ugly visuals...

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  Published: 2010-11-16, review by: maximumpc.com

  • Stunningly authentic city; excellent attention to detail; brutal firefights.
  • Absolutely glacial pace; driving, driving, and more driving; storyline lacks compelling characters and a resolution.

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  Published: 2010-11-02, review by: gamechronicles.com

  • Abstract:  In my time as a gamer I have found very few titles that have captured a true sense of an actual time period. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to play the original Mafia when it came out. I had only heard about it many years later brought up in a con...

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  Published: 2010-10-12, review by: gamersdailynews.com

  • Abstract:  Everyone who is excited by the atmosphere of 1940s – 50s and remembers the first part of Mafia, lived to see publication of the continuation in Mafia II from 2K, developed in the Czech studios.The story starts with the move of Scaleta‘s family from Sic...

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  Published: 2010-09-24, review by: gamepyre.com

  • What an incredible step up in game design, graphics, sound and game play. There are so many differences with Mafia II from the first inception they are almost like two completely different games. The voices are better and the overall feel of being im...

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  Published: 2010-09-15, review by: Bjorn3d.com

  • Combat, Driving, Just About Everything Else
  • Can't jump in the game
  • Mafia II is a great improvement over the original. It improves on every aspect of the original game, which puts it on par if not higher than its competitors. The combat is some of the best that we have seen in a free roaming game. The driving is very...

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  Published: 2010-09-06, review by: techolive.com

  • Abstract:  I will admit, I never got around to playing the original Mafia all the way through, but this works in my favor when it comes to Mafia II because, unlike many other gamers, I’m not going into this review expecting some massive improvement on something I...

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  Published: 2010-09-04, review by: strategyinformer.com

  • Mafia II is exactly the sequel Mafia fans have been waiting all these years for. It's a brutal tale of underworld family business and killing without a second thought that will have you hooked all the way. You'd do well to grab yourself a copy. Capeesh?TO...

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  Published: 2010-09-02, review by: newgamenetwork.com

  • Abstract:  Immersion is a funny and illusive thing in the video game world, and really has little to do with polish and production values. Some high-quality, big budget titles with great production values and polish simply aren’t immersive in the least, while oth...

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