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Testseek.com have collected 37 expert reviews of the Patapon 2 and the average rating is 80%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Patapon 2.
Award: Most Awarded April 2009
April 2009
37 Reviews
0 Reviews
80 0 100 37
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The editors liked

  • Hero abilities add a new layer to the gameplay
  • Excellent audio and visuals
  • Multiplayer is fun and offers new items
  • Incredible number of varied mission types.
  • Fun
  • Dynamic
  • Variety

The editors didn't like

  • New branching evolution system can be fiddly.
  • Lack of a pause button

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  Published: 2010-12-14, review by: gameobserver.com

  • Patapon 2 is a great value for the $20 price tag. The missions are nicely varied, there are tons of creation options to explore, and the multiplayer is a blast. However, because of the nature of the gameplay, your enjoyment depends on your opinion of ...

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  Published: 2010-05-20, review by: gameplaymonthly.com

  • Fun, dynamic, variety
  • Lack of a pause button
  • I rate this game an A-. It’s a great game, and there is no excuse to not pick this up. Without a doubt, it is one of the best games for the PSP and the year. BUY IT!. It’s only $20, anyway. ...

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  Published: 2009-12-07, review by: gamervision.com

  • Abstract:  During that brief, forgettable period of time where the world was outraged about LittleBigPlanet PSP not hitting the PSN on time, I decided to download an older game. Even though it is old, I am throwing a quick review of it.Patapon 2 is a "cupie" game...

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  Published: 2009-05-21, review by: hookedgamers.com

  • Abstract:  In a sea of dark, brooding and violent games, it's always refreshing to see something colourful and bright released. In the first few years of its existence, a pair of PSP games proved that good, original games could exist on the Playstation Portable. ...

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  Published: 2009-05-17, review by: game-boyz.com

  • Abstract:  8 | Sound 7 | Gameplay 8 | Tilt 7 || Overall 8 Author: Shad F Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment JapanPublisher: Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaI feel the need to preface this review with a few quick qualifying facts. One, I have not played th...

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  Published: 2009-05-05, review by: 1up.com

  • Abstract:  The descriptor "rhythm action strategy mashup" makes perfect sense to Patapon veterans. Though, if you haven't played Patapon and are still puzzled by that phrase, you have a second chance to figure out why said description works with Patapon 2. Like i...

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  Published: 2009-05-04, review by: gamezone.com

  • Abstract:  Patapon 2 is a fine sequel, offering compelling new features while keeping the charm that made the first game so great. Fans of the original would do well to check this one out.

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  Published: 2009-05-01, review by: destructoid.com

  • Abstract:  So, Patapon 2 is Sony’s big UMD-less release. Since we got an early copy, I thought it would be cool to talk (briefly) about how you go about getting the game on your PlayStation Portable. It’s quite simple, really.Just update your PSP to the latest ...

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  Published: 2009-04-30, review by: gamepro.com

  • Abstract:  The first Patapon was an infectiously addictive title that perfectly combined rhythm and strategy gaming into one sweet package. Now, the sequel is here and it has me chanting with joy all over again. With more content and gameplay, it's a must-have ti...

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  Published: 2009-04-30, review by: gaming-age.com

  • Abstract:  I don't really make it a secret that enjoy music in games, and oftentimes it's the only reason I really dig something I play (take the NES Batman title for instance), so obviously I'm going to enjoy, or at least hope to enjoy, games that actually use t...

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