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Testseek.com have collected 11 expert reviews of the Puzzle Chronicles and the average rating is 64%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Puzzle Chronicles.
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The editors liked

  • Combat is occasionally exciting
  • Decent variety of puzzle minigames.

The editors didn't like

  • Frequent
  • Long load times sap all momentum
  • Generic story with a frustrating conclusion
  • Battles are usually onesided and dull
  • Bland presentation.



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  Published: 2010-03-01, review by: gamespot.com

  • Combat is occasionally exciting, Decent variety of puzzle minigames.
  • Frequent, long load times sap all momentum, Generic story with a frustrating conclusion, Battles are usually onesided and dull, Bland presentation.
  • This rote puzzle role-playing game delivers a few exciting moments but falls far short of measuring up to the game that clearly inspired it....

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  Published: 2010-03-01, Author: Carolyn Petit , review by: cnet.com

  • Abstract:  When a game is called Puzzle Chronicles, you go in knowing that it's trying to follow in the footsteps of Puzzle Quest, the great game that popularized the concept of couching puzzle gameplay in the context of a larger story. Sadly, Puzzle Chronicles c...

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  Published: 2010-03-01, review by: impulsegamer.com

  • Abstract:  Let’s get this straight, Puzzle Chronicles is not Puzzle Quest and although it’s an interesting game, it fails to draw you in like the aforementioned title. Don’t get me wrong, there are some aspects of Puzzle Chronicles that is entertaining but in the...

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  Published: 2010-07-16, review by: nzgamer.com

  • Abstract:  If you're looking for a quick and dirty summation of the game we first previewed on Xbox 360 back in May, it's this: the same game, but the smaller screen forgives some of the graphical problems while the loading times make it more boring.Still here?Ok...

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  Published: 2010-02-20, review by: gamesradar.com

  • Yet another iteration on the great Puzzle Quest, Deep and rewarding gameplay, Can tame your warbeast in cool minigame
  • Formula is feeling tired, Small puzzling screen and weak controls, Crappy sprites take up useful screen space

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  Published: 2010-02-17, review by: nowgamer.com

  • Honestly, if you’ve played and enjoyed Puzzle Quest then Chronicles will surprise and excite you in no way whatsoever. It’s every standard fare puzzle game ever made with the standard fare RPG and adventure elements of Puzzle Quest thrown in...

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  Published: 2010-03-09, review by: gamingxp.com

  • Unglaubliche Langzeitmotivation, Süchtig machendes Gameplay, Unzählige Variationen mit Ausrüstung und Attributen
  • Überforderndes Tutorial, Keine Dateninstallation möglich – lädt häufig nach, Ausrüstung entscheidet oft Kämpfe
  • Viele große Spiele dürften am Einstiegs-Syndrom leiden: „Final Fantasy X“, „Makai Kingdom“, die „Suikoden“-Reihe, „Okami“ und nun auch „Puzzle Chronicles“. Das Tutorial macht es Einsteigern doch um einen Happen zu komplex, das Spielgefühl sofort zu gen...

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  Published: 2010-02-27, review by: looki.de

  • von Riad Oelschlägel Puzzle Chronicles erfindet das berühmte Rad natürlich keineswegs neu. Zwar gibt es hier und da einige Neuerungen, das wesentliche Spielprinzip haben die Entwickler seit Puzzle Quest allerdings nicht geändert. Und das ist auch gut...

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  Published: 2010-02-28, review by: ps3clan.nl

  • Strakke gameplay, Interessant verhaal, Goede presentatie, Prima audio,
  • Lange laadtijden, Niet alle mogelijkheden worden in de tutorial behandeld

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  Published: 2010-02-26, Author: Marcus Toftedahl , review by: gameplayer.se

  • Abstract:  Pussla smart och vinn fajten!Pussel blandat med något rollspelsaktigt har blivit en liten egen subgenre som kom igång ordentligt i och med Puzzle Quest och dess gelikar. Puzzle Chronicles är stöpt i samma form, inte så konstigt kanske då det är samma u...

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