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Testseek.com have collected 5 expert reviews of the Primare SPA21 and the average rating is 80%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Primare SPA21.
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  Published: 2006-03-01, review by: homecinemachoice.com

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  Published: 2006-07-17, review by: smarthouse.com.au

  • Abstract:  Can too much technology be a bad thing? We put the case for the Primare SPA21, an AV amp that’s opted out of the fast lane. Primare SPA21| $5000 | For: Build quality; solid sound for stereo and multichannel alikeAgainst: Limited connectivity; first...

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  Published: 2009-04-02, review by: magnus.de

  • Abstract:  Das Signal muss zunächst vom Player aus dem gepackten, verschlüsselten Zustand in simplen, mehrkanaligen PCM-Ton umgerechnet werden, den der SPA-22 dann via HDMI akzeptiert. Dabei geht rein mathematisch betrachtet nichts verloren, man muss jedoch bei d...

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  Published: 2006-04-03, review by: smartson.se

  • Abstract:  Testarna är överens om att det denna förstärkare saknar i form av funktioner uppväger den med en strålande prestanda, oavsett om man lyssnar på musik eller tittar på film.

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  Published: 2005-12-01, review by: Lydogbilde.no

  • Abstract:  12/05 Knallsterk duo!Av Geir NordbyVi har ofte anbefalt musikkelskeren stereoprodukter fremfor flerkanals. Mindre dilldall under panseret gir bedre lydkvalitet for pengene. Og det står vi fortsatt ved. Men innimellom hender det at man snubler over use...

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