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Reviews of Steelcase Think chair

Testseek.com have collected 3 expert reviews of the Steelcase Think chair and the average rating is 87%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Steelcase Think chair.
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The editors liked

  • Appears well-built
  • ComfortableExtremely comfortable
  • Tons of adjustability
  • Sturdy constructionSuper easy to assemble
  • Very adjustableAppears quite durable
  • Very adjustableGreat value
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

The editors didn't like

  • Could have more adjustable features
  • PriceyPriceyCould be a lot more comfortable
  • Design isn't universalExceptionally expensive
  • Harder to assembleLooks aren't universally appealing

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  Published: 2018-11-29, Author: David , review by: techgearlab.com

  • Appears well-built, comfortableExtremely comfortable, tons of adjustability, sturdy constructionSuper easy to assemble, very adjustableAppears quite durable, very adjustableGreat value, durable, comfortable,
  • Could have more adjustable features, priceyPriceyCould be a lot more comfortable, design isn't universalExceptionally expensive, harder to assembleLooks aren't universally appealing
  • With the only real complaint with the Think being its lack of a reclining resistance adjustment, this chair from Steelcase is overall a pretty solid office chair. However, as it stands now, we would suggest either upgrading to one of the better chairs for...

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  Published: 2007-02-06, review by: connectreviews.com

  • Abstract:  Steelcase is known internationally as the maker of office furniture and accessories. Here’s a look at their environmentally-friendly Think chair. First off, the Think isn’t your luxury leather chair with a bunch of levers, knobs, and things li...

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  Published: 2015-11-23, Author: 蓝威龙 , review by: igao7.com

  • Abstract:  首先简单介绍一下SteelCase品牌吧,SteelCase是美国具有百年历史的大型办公家具企业,世界500强中有很多公司采用其方案,如诺基亚,通用电气,摩托罗拉等,还有诸多教育机构采用,如纽约大学。具体的大家去其官网看吧,有详细的介绍。SteelCase对于办公环境有着深入的研究,包括插座位置的设置,办公区域隔板的高度设置等等,都是为了在办公的效率和个人的隐私方面,取得非常好的平衡。其设计团队主要来自法国,而中高端产品主要在马来西亚生产。前不久,SteelCase刚刚发不了一份针对17个国家的办公室职员...

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