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User opinions of Craftsman Lawn Tractor DLS 3500 28713

Testseek.com have collected 2 expert reviews of the Craftsman Lawn Tractor DLS 3500 28713 and the average rating is 80%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Craftsman Lawn Tractor DLS 3500 28713.
2 Reviews
2 Reviews
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Author: ernliz

Status: Noob
Top opinions are always listed first. Written: 2008-04-01

I purchased a Craftsman 28713 recently (Mar 2008) and was surprised! Tire pressures were almost twice the recommended pressure, front wheel toe-in is badly exaggerated, the mower deck was grossly misadjusted (front to back and side to side), and the clutch barely catches when disengaged. Also, the clutch is very hard to depress all the way down. I fixed most of these myself, but I had thought Craftsman had higher quality standards. I wonder what else is wrong with the tractor!...

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Author: fred walling

Status: Noob
All regular opinions (less than 70 words), are listed below Top opinions. Written: 2009-07-29

Very reliable machine I have owned it for 2 years and have only needed to fix the clutch cable. I used this with a snow blade all winter with a very long driveway and a steep grade loved it, need tire chains too....

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