Review of slim leather iPhone 4 pouches from Sena and Beyza Cases

Today I will be reviewing three slim leather cases for the Apple iPhone 4. Two of them are made and sold by Turkish manufacturer Beyza Cases and the third is from Sena Cases. All three are marketed as “slim”.


Being a dedicated iPhone fan, I have been through quite a number of different cases the last couple of years. I have tried flip cases, hard shell cases, folio cases, rubber cases and pouch cases. What I have learnt is that pouch cases are what suits me best. They are in general not as bulky as other cases, they don’t get stuck in my pockets like rubber cases do and they provide a good shelter for my little baby (yes, the phone).

What is important to know about leather cases is that they will expand after a while (like all things leather usually do). Therefore it’s important that the case is really slim fitted and not made of leather that’s too soft (which will expand even more). In other words; it’s a good sign if you have to use a little force to push the phone into a pouch leather case the first times that you use it.

The Contenders

OK, so let’s start with the looks. Here are all three cases in a shot together:

three cases togehter

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Review of Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 keyboard and mouse combo

Summary: Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710 is a keyboard/mice combo with some nice features like a laser mouse, long battery life and good ergonomics, but I also found some issues with it.



Normally when we review mice or keyboards we go for high end stuff directed towards gamers. This time we are instead looking at an office/multimedia type mouse and keyboard combo, the Logitech Wireless Desktop MK710.

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Review of Icy Box IB-318STU3-B USB3 HDD enclosure

Today I will be reviewing an external HDD enclosure from Icy Box called “IB-318STU3-B” (wonderful name). It has a USB 3.0 interface which should boost the data transfer speeds significantly, at least according to the specs.



Only months ago, the third revision of the USB standard appeared. I’ve seen it called both “USB 3.0” and “USB SuperSpeed”. What is clear is that the new version includes several improvements compared to USB 2.0.

The most important update is of course the increase of the data transfer speed (theoretical) to 4.8Gbps (600MB/s) compared to USB 2.0’s 480Mbps (35MB/s). This is really a huge difference.

Another important change is the maximum power output of USB 3.0 of 900mA (500mA in USB 2.0), which will allow USB 3.0 ports to power a number of devices and accessories to laptops. In real world, this means fewer AC adapters to accessories like external harddrives, notebook cooling pads etc.

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Review of Synology DiskStation DS210j NAS

Nice looking design
3 USB 2 ports
Great software
Good overall transfer speeds
Nice price

Synology Disk Station DS210j is a fantastic NAS (Network Attached Storage) for your home with a ton of interesting features.





Synology is a company that has specialized in NAS devices and has quite an extensive catalog of products which basically covers every need on the market. Today I will be reviewing one of their newer products, the “DiskStation DS210j” which is primarily intended for use in home networks. This product really has o ton of interesting specifications which are available at their website.


The specifications of the DS210j are doubtless impressive but the really interesting thing about this NAS is the accompanied control software which enables all the extra features. We will go into that more extensively later in the review.



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Review of Prolimatech Mega Shadow cpu cooler

Prolimatech sent us the Mega Shadow, an improved version of its “Megahalems” with extended compatibility and some aesthetic modifications.



Prolimatech was created by a group of cooling enthusiasts in 2008. When they released their Megahalems cooler they got a lot of buzz from news and reviews sites all over the world.

The “Megahalems” can be derived from the “Nehalem” chip name (Intel) and the cheer size of the cooler. You should definitely check out reviews of the Megahalems at testseek to see what the buzz was about.

Prolimatech’s latest product will be on display today, the “Prolimatech Mega Shadow”. I’m thrilled to have the work of fellow cooling enthusiasts in my hand and it’s going to be very interesting to see what its performance results will be.

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