Review of Gigabyte GM-M7800S Swarovski Crystal Mouse

Summary: Gigabyte is not only a manufacturer of mainboards and graphics cards, they also manufacture some nifty computer peripherals like the GM-M7800S Swarovski Crystal Mouse, which I will be taking a closer look at today.






We have previously only reviewed graphics cards from Gigabyte. This time we will be taking a look at a rather exclusive product, a stylish mouse called “Gigabyte GM-M7800S Swarovski Crystal Mouse”. By the name and looks of it, we can be sure that Gigabyte is aiming this product towards people who are sensitive to fashion and trends.



This is actually a bit of a sub trend we have noticed amongst manufacturers of computer accessories the last couple of years, they have started to produce technical gadgets with a touch of stylishness to them. We have for instance seen mobile phones with crystals and gold plated buttons and USB memory sticks with cold plated casing. Let’s take a look at its technical characteristics:



Gigabyte GM-M7800S


Mouse 100x 60x 36,5 mm
Connector 21x 16x 7 mm


75g (including receiver)




Wireless technology 2,4GHz with 10m of maximum range




Configurable, 800-1600dpi




6 buttons, 5 configurable

Other outstanding characteristics

Fit Swarovski crystals
Surface made in leather
Connector USB and secondary gold buttons of 18k
Lateral scroll system

Supported operating systems

32bit/Vista Windows 98 /2000/ME/XP



As you can see from the specifications above, Gigabyte did not hold back when creating the M7800S mouse. Already in the pagacking, we can see that this is a bit of a luxary item. An opening in the brown cardboard box shows the most outstanding features of the mouse, the Swarovski crystals located on top of the mouse.



003040 003039


On the other side of the box, there is some text describing the technical specifications of the mouse.


003041 003042


When removing the cardboard box, we find a neater looking black box in which the mouse and the accessories are located. In the box, we found the mouse itself, a protecting pouch, the USB connector, batteries, CD with drivers and last the certificate of authenticity of the Svarovski crystals.




It’s quite hard to describe the details of the GM-M7800S, it’s something you should see for yourself. However, I will give it a try. It’s a standard three button wheel mouse with wireless connectivity and a laser tracking system. What really separates this mouse from the rest are the leather surface and of course the crystals.


003045 003046


On top of the mouse, there is another outstanding feature, apart from the 4 Swarovski crystals and the leather surface. I am talking about the golden button which allows us to change the resolution of the laser sensor “on the go”. The are two modes available; 800 and 1600 DPI. In addition to this, there are two buttons placed on the left side of the mouse, these are regular “back and forward” buttons which allows you to switch windows or move back and forward in your web page browsing history.


003047 003048


On the underside of the mouse, there are a number of features. Starting with the laser sensor, we really whished it was more centered, since it helps when playing videogames. The fact that it isn’t centered actually suggests that Gigabyte does not direct this mouse towards gamers. On the underside in the image below you can also see the socket for the batteries (2 units of AAA). There’s also a reconnect button and a small compartment for the USB connector which is very useful and helps the portability of the mouse.


003049 003050


One of the aspects that I liked about this mouse is its small receiver, which when connected, is practically invisible and doesn’t bother us in any way apart from taking up an extra USB port at our laptop.






The installation of the software of the mouse is very simple, just put in the CD and the installation screen is prompted. There are not too many possible settings which again suggests that this mouse is not oriented towards gaming, but there are enough settings to let us adjust it to our preferencies.



First, I must admit that none of the smaller sized mice I have tested has impressed on me.  I am a guy with quite large hands so I need somting to grip. Still, the M7800S feels guite good in my hand. I guess it must be due to the leather on top of it, it just feels comfortable.


The operation of the mouse is impeccable, especially when operating it in 1600 dpi mode. When using it in Windows, it’s a dream. There are no jumps and the responsiveness is excellent. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for gaming, it’s just not made for it, but also, the size of this mouse is a bit to small, at least for me.




Something that I really enjoyed was the horizontal and vertical scrolling capabilites. It’s one of those things you can’t live without once you have gotten used to it.




After having reviewed some products from Gigabyte earlier, we already knew they make quality motherboards and graphics cards. To be honest, when they sent me this mouse I was a bit sceptical. But after having reviewed this mouse for some time now, it’s safe to say that Gigabyte makes quality products on other areas as well.



What we really liked about this mouse was the laser sensor, the selectable resolution, and of course the finish of the product. Even though I’m not the jewelery kind of guy, I enjoyed the feel of high quality and exclusivity.


Its price is around $60. Somewhat expensive for a laptop mouse, but given its exclusive features and the technical specifications, it still seems OK.




Strong points Weak points

Looks and design

A little expensive

Materials used and the finish


Very comfortable to use in spite of its reduced size

Configurable resolution

Lateral scrolling system



The final score is 88 out of 100 owls, and we give the “GM-M7800S” our Recommended Award.


TestSeek Labs Recommended 2009 Award


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Thanks goes out to Gigabyte for letting us test this mouse.


Author: Manuel González Fernández

Translator: Vince Emiloz Sanderson


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