Review of Ozone Ground Level S mousepad

Summary: A quality mouse pad is an absolute necessity if you want to be successful with your FPS gaming. Today I will be taking a closer look at the “Ground Level S mouse pad” from Ozone, a new manufacturer of gaming gear, at least to me.


The first day of what was supposed to be my vacation, I received a press note from Computer science Atlas, in which they announced the imminent arrival of a new manufacturer, Ozone, to its catalog. In the press release they presented the mouse “Smog”, the “Oxid” headphones and the mouse pad “Ground Level”, which I will take a closer look at in this review.


I really liked the looks of these new products from Ozone and it’s always nice to see a manufacturer who directs their products exclusively towards the gaming scene so I just had to test one of them.




Ozone Ground Level S


The Ozone Ground Level appears in two sizes: normal (285x320mm) and small (210x250mm). This review is based upon the small model. This model, like its big brother, is based on a rubber surface which holds it in place on the surface on which you place it upon. The upper surface is made of some kind of textile of high quality that allows a perfect sliding surface for the mouse.





The mouse pad comes in a box with Ozone’s colors and logo which looks aggressively nice with its black and red combo. On the box, Ozone explains the composition of the mouse pad to us. On the sides, they have placed smaller illustrations of the mouse pad.

003058 003067

Inside the box we found an extra protective plastic box in which the mouse pad itself was placed. This extra box gave me the feeling that Ozone is a company that pays attention to details


Ok, so let’s take a closer look at the product itself. When taking out the product from the box and holding it in my hands, it gives me the impression of high quality and the Ozone logo looks remarkably cool in the bottom right corner.

003063 003065

As I mentioned above the mouse pad is made of two different materials. The bottom material facing the table surface is a high friction rubber material and the top mousing surface is made of a fine textile weave. This combination has two aims, the first one is to secure that to the mouse pad is not slipping around on the table which it’s placed upon and the second aim is to provide an exact positioning surface with a low friction coefficient.

Another important specification is the height (thickness) of the mouse pad, in my opinion the smaller the better so I don’t have to angle my wrist in a way that creates unnecessary tension. The Ground Level S has a thickness of only 2mm, which feels perfect to me.


Before beginning my evaluation of the Ozone Ground Level S I would like to show you another picture of the mouse pad together with a mouse so you can appreciate the size of the mouse pad. As you can see, this is a small mouse pad so it should be used with mice with high resolution. Normally you will never need it to be bigger, at least not for gaming or normal use.



When I started using the mouse pad, I was away from work and home, thus my ordinary testing equipment so I only tested it with normal Windows use and it worked beautifully. But this is a mouse mat intended for gamers so of course I had to test it in games as well. I tried it with the games “Officers’ Club of Revolutionary Armed Forces 2 Cry” and “CoD: World AT War” and it was truly a dream to do some serious FPS gaming with this mat, it’s very smooth and lets me do fast movements of high accuracy.




Clearly, when a new manufacturer wants to enter the market they must offer something extra of value, no matter which market we are talking about. In the case of Ozone, I feel they offer the extra value in terms of high quality, aggressively designed and branded products and at an interesting price level. The Ground Level S mouse mat goes for around $8.

I will keep looking out for new products from Ozone in the future; they definitely caught my attention with the Ground Level S. I can only hope that they will follow it up with many more interesting gaming products.




Strong points Weak points

Compatible with any type of mouse

Nothing comes to mind

Aggressive design

Ideal size to accompany a laptop

Surfaces of very good quality







Ozone Ground Level S

Packing and accessories


Finished quality of manufacture and











The final score is 95 out of 100 owls, and we give the “Ozone Ground Level S” our Editor’s Choice Award.




TestSeek Labs Editor's Choice 2009 Award



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Thanks goes out to Ozone.


Author: Manuel González Fernández

Translator: Vince Emiloz Sanderson




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