Review of the Revoltec FightMouse Pro gaming mouse

Summary: Many of us are glad to see another contender in the gaming mice market. This time I will be taking a closer look at the Revoltec FightMouse Pro which has nice looking specifications and some extra features which will be very interesting to explore.



Revoltec started out their business in Germany back in 2003. The products from Revoltec are generally characterized by their originality. They often carry innovations which you will not find elsewhere. Revoltec’s main business area has up till recently been their case modding products, but things are changing and they now have a respectable setup of input devices in their catalog.

The FightMouse Pro and FightMouse Advance are new products in their lineup and they are the company’s first entry in the gaming mice market. Previously I have tested their FightMouse Precision which is an optical mouse which has a sampling rate of 1000dpi.

Revoltec’s new mice for gamers are called FightMouse Advanced and FightMouse PRO. The biggest difference between the models is the resolution of the laser sensor. The Pro has a resolution of 3600dpi whereas the Advanced has a sensor resolution of 2400dpi. Another difference is the lower reaction time of the Pro (1ms compared to 2ms for the Advanced). These very impressive specifications of the Pro and the fact that it has an advanced weight distribution system make it one of the more complete gaming laser mice of the market.

Here are the specifications of the FightMouse Pro:

Revoltec FightMouse PRO




Configurable, up to 3600DPI




6 buttons (4 configurable)

Other characteristics

8KB of integrated memory, weight distributions system

Supported operating systems

Windows XP, Vista

At TestSeek, the current expert review average of the FightMouse Pro is 87% and it has won 4 awards.


The packaging of the mouse looks good with its black and lime green colors. The box is a regular cardboard box. In the front part, a picture of the product is clearly visible together with the outstanding features of the mouse. You can remove the front cover and see the mice through see through plastic. The plastic casing also protects the mouse from bumps and hits during freight.

003387 003391

The backside of the box focuses on the special features of the mouse and explains some of the features in different languages.


When I opened the box I found the mouse itself and a smaller box which contained seven small weights, the drivers CD and the manual.

003392 003400


The Revoltec Fight Mouse PRO looks really high end with its carbon fiber and matte black finish.


The mouse’s ergonomic design adapts to the contour of my hand perfectly. The FightMouse PRO has two regular mouse buttons and a scroll wheel. The extra buttons on the top surface of the mouse are a button marked “DPI” and another one marked “M”. I will get back to their functions later in this review.

The sides of the mouse are made of rubber to give the user a better grip.

003395 003396

The scrolling wheel of the Fight Mouse PRO is nothing like I am used to from other gaming mice. Normally, the scrolling wheel effects the scrolling in two directions: up or down, along the Y-axel.  Some mice have added an X-axis scrolling function and this is available with the FightMouse Pro, provided that you install the drivers. Apart from this the scroll wheel changes color depending on the DPI settings of the mouse.  When the light of the scroll wheel is red, we are at the maximum level of sensitivity.

Light indicator color codes

400 dpi: no light

800 dpi: Green light ignites.

1600 dpi: Blue light ignites.

2000 dpi: Red light ignites.

The “M” button I mentioned above is really a quick touch button for switching between the modes you have preset in the software. The preset modes are stored in the 8kb internal memory of the mouse. As with the scrolling wheel the M-button changes color depending on what preset mode you are using:

Color codes for the M-button

Green light: Modo1

Blue light: Way 2

Red light: Way 3

Turning the mouse over I found the laser sensor (surprise!) and a plastic cover for the weight distribution system. As you can see from the image below, the system lets us place a maximum of seven weights in it. Each weight weighs 20 grams which means the maximum extra weight we can give the mouse through this system is 140 grams.

003397 003401

The USB cable is lengthy enough for using the mouse with a desktop system. The really interesting thing about the USB connection of this mouse is the fact that it uses up to 1000 Hz to allow it an “access time” of ultra low 1ms.



Below you can see the first window the opens when inserting the drivers and software CD provided with the bundle.


The provided software is called “Gaming Mouse 2.0.8” when you have installed it. The software lets us change a variety of settings of the mouse and save the settings in preset modes which we can the fast and easily switch between using the M-button.


Revoltec’s software is very basic unlike other gaming mouse software I have tried. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad or incomplete, quite the opposite, it fulfills all the needs I have. It’s basic in the meaning that it doesn’t include anything unnecessary.

In order to evaluate the performance of the mouse I used it in everyday Windows use, including Internet browsing and office automation software. Of course, the main testing took place while playing the latest FPS games. I tried it with Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty: World at War. I tested the mouse on different surfaces including wood, plastic and glass and of different gaming mouse pads.

In common applications, the performance of the mouse is exceptional. It has a very smooth feel to it and the mouse cursor moves exactly as I want it to. The M-button comes very much in handy when switching between different modes. For instance I used different modes for editing images in Photoshop and for general use such as Internet browsing. The multidirectional scrolling wheel is enormously practical when browsing the Internet.

The Revoltec FightMouse PRO is made for satisfying the gamers’ every need and this clearly shows when using it in games. The possibility of changing the resolution of the laser sensor though just a click on the M-button is very practical indeed.

The FightMouse Pro has no problems with non typical gaming surfaces such as the ones I mentioned above. I really didn’t note too much difference compared to using it with a good mouse pad. However it remains clear that this mouse should be used together with a suitable gaming mouse pad to take advantage of its super high resolution.

The ergonomics of the mouse takes some time to get used to. It’s a big mouse and the design is not typical in any way with its rubber sides and. However, once you become accustomed to it you won’t be tempted to return to your old mouse.


Revoltec didn’t hold back when creating the FightMouse Pro with a sensor resolution up to 3200dpi, a multidirectional scrolling wheel, weight distribution system, ultra low reaction time and excellent ergonomics, design and finish. This mouse really is exceptional.

All of the above are truly great features but what about the price? This is where I was really blown away; the price of the Fight Mouse Pro is around 35 Euros ($45). That my friends is what in the end makes it so easy to give the FightMouse Pro our Editor’s Choice award.


  • Sensor capable of up to 3200DPI
  • Quality and ergonomics are exceptional
  • Multidirectional Scroll
  • Weight distribution system
  • Software and button configuration


  • Wireless would have been even better

Revoltec FightMouse Pro

Packing and accessories


Quality and finished


Special characteristics




Use (performance, handling etc)






The final score is 90 out of 100 owls, and we give the “Revoltec Fight Mouse Pro” our Editor’s Choice Award.

TestSeek Labs Editor's Choice 2009 Award


As you know, TestSeek collects all expert reviews of many different product types. Head over to our Mice category to find all expert reviews of alternatives to the Revoltec FightMouse Pro.




Thanks goes out to Revoltec for letting me review this mouse.

Author: Manuel González Fernández

Translator: Vince Emiloz Sanderson

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