Back in 2002, when I was working in marketing at one of Scandinavia’s largest e-retailers, I realized that what people communicate about products online has a huge impact on what other online consumers end up buying. I could for instance see direct effects our own on sales of a specific product, caused by one single positive review at on a popular enthusiast publication. Of course, back then the Internet wasn’t as developped and the number of publications was smaller so one single article may not have the same effect today, but nobody can question that reviews has very high impact on sales.

The best proof of the importance of reviews are the leading online businesses who have had a continuous strategy around reviews;, Amazon and Bestbuy are a few examples.

Today, reading reviews is such a natural part of the online buying process, that consumers will simply leave product pages which don’t have reviews on them.

For anybody selling products and services online (who isn’t Amazon), acquiring reviews can be a challenge; product cycles are short, not many consumers will take the time to post reviews and the ones posted are usually short and of little value. This is where Testseek comes in; we help businesses succeed by adding unbiased reviews to their product pages.

Fredrik Engdahl, CEO Testseek

Fredrik Engdahl

founder, CEO

Fredrik is one of the founders of Testseek and its CEO since 8 years. He enjoys coding, kitesurfing and making clients happy.