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External Hard Drive Buyer’s Guide

External hard drives offer extra storage capacity for your computer. They are often used as a portable backup storage facility or even just to add extra storage to a notebook or laptop.

There is a wide range of external hard drives and depending on your requirements, they can be relatively cheap or very expensive. This expert guide will help clarify some of the key factors to consider when reviewing and buying an external hard drive. It will also provide examples of the different types within the different budget ranges.

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Seagate Game Drive for Xbox SSD USB3 STFT

Last published: 2015-09-21
9 Reviews

CalDigit Tuff Nano USB-C

Last published: 2019-11-01
4 Reviews

LaCie Pocket Drive USB2

Last published: 2005-01-01
2 Reviews

LaCie Rugged eSATA USB2/eSATA

Last published: 2010-03-08
4 Reviews

Miglia Dual Disk FireWire

Last published: 2006-12-06
1 Reviews

IOGear Combo ION USB2

Last published: 2005-01-12
2 Reviews

Oyen Digital External FireWire

Last published: 2007-11-05
1 Reviews

Trekstor DataStation maxi t.uch USB2

Last published: 2010-05-25
1 Reviews

CalDigit T3 Thunderbolt2 Drive

Last published: 2015-01-26
2 Reviews

BUSlink USB2/FireWire

Last published: 2006-09-30
1 Reviews

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