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Testseek.com have collected 52 expert reviews of the Super Mario Galaxy and the average rating is 97%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Super Mario Galaxy.
Award: Editor’s Choice January 2008
January 2008
52 Reviews
0 Reviews
97 0 100 52

The editors liked

  • Superlative gameplay
  • Perfects and even exceeds Super Mario 64
  • Best visuals and sound on Wii to date.
  • Excellent combination of retro and addictive
  • Unique gameplay
  • Each galaxy is more fun than the last
  • Gorgeous visuals
  • Some of the best level designs of any 3D platformer
  • Beautiful
  • Colorful graphics
  • Controls work just about flawlessly in nearly every situation
  • Soundtrack is a delight
  • Lots of stages and tons of stars to find and collect.
  • Excitement and wonder around every corner
  • Loads of bonus stages
  • Unlockables
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Majestic orchestral soundtrack.

The editors didn't like

  • Honestly
  • The only thing that might put folks off is a preference against action platforming.
  • Multiplayer feels tacked on
  • A couple of Marios special suits can be frustrating to use
  • Minimal amount of story doesnt tie everything together especially well.
  • Wii-mote controls are tricky with certain power-ups
  • Voice acting has mysteriously disappeared.

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  Published: 2008-07-21, review by: yetanotherreviewsite.co.uk

  • Insanely good graphics; Wonderful gameplay; Truly amazing soundtrack; So much innovation; Controls are simple but excellent; Good length; It unlocks characters in Mario Kart!
  • Seriously, there are NO cons

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  Published: 2008-01-16, review by: darkzero.co.uk

  • Abstract:  So, where do you start with a game like Super Mario Galaxy? A game so full of ideas that a simple few thousand words is going to inevitably miss a few out. A few thousand words that may not even convey how truly brilliant the ideas are, and how in a ye...

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  Published: 2007-12-18, review by: HEXUS.net

  • Looks gorgeous, Takes the best ideas from previous Mario games and expands on them superbly, Brilliant use of the Wiimote, Tons of variety, Brilliant level design, Fun, fun, fun, Fabulous soundtrack and audio
  • Not as accessible as previous Mario games maybe, Coop is rubbish
  • The icing on the cake of Super Mario Galaxy is the delicious musical score (and the audio in general), which is exemplary and flows alongside the gameplay superbly, almost to the point, at times, that it feels as though youre playing the game in tande...

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  Published: 2007-12-03, review by: tomshardware.co.uk

  • Abstract:  As most gamers know, when you pick up a sparkling new Nintendo console, you expect a high-class Mario product to find its way onto the market shortly thereafter. This well-known recipe dates back to when time began, when dinosaurs roamed the earth (nam...

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  Published: 2007-11-16, review by: pocket-lint.com

  • Graphics, gameplay, interactivitiy
  • guys. The concept as with all Mario titles is simple, but effective and rather than levels its galaxy systems that youve got to complete. However where Super Mario Galaxy differs is that planets are round rather than flat and that means youll spend m...
  • Super Mario Galaxy is a polished, well executed platformer with a difference – there are no platforms

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  Published: 2007-11-08, review by: gamesradar.com

  • Enough fun to make your head explode, Ridiculously colorful, polished graphics, Takes platforming to a whole new level
  • Costumes could be cooler, Powerups accompanied by lame techno, Not having the game RIGHT NOW

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  Published: 2010-12-16, review by: junge-technik.de

  • abwechslungsreiche Level, bezaubernde Grafik, makelloser Sound
  • Mitspieler wird kaum eingebunden
  • Gehen wir doch noch einmal auf die Frage oben ein: Zahlt sich ein Unterfangen aus, dass man im ärgsten Schneesturm zum Elektromarkt fährt, nur um Super Mario Galaxy zu ergattern? Ja, definitiv! Solch ein Spiel muss man als Wii Besitzer zumindest einma...

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  Published: 2009-07-15, review by: zeitgeistgamereview.com

  • Mario games are the staple of a gamers’ collection. We’ve followed our protagonist through many adventures over the years and they have never disappointed. Mario’s transition to the Wii reminds us yet again why we all follow this series. This is the ab...

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  Published: 2009-04-06, review by: blog.pricerunner.de

  • “Super Mario Galaxy” ist ein perfektes Game mit großem Umfang, einer ausgezeichneten technischen Präsentation und toller Spielbarkeit, an dem Spieler eines jeden Alters ihre Freude haben.Super Mario Galaxy im ...

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  Published: 2009-01-01, review by: n-life.de

  • Abstract:  Zum Start des Nintendo 64 verzückte Nintendo vor vielen Jahren die Massen mit dem ersten dreidimensionalen Abenteuer des Firmenmaskottchens Mario. Mit „Super Mario 64“ gelang aber nicht nur das Debüt innerhalb der dritten Dimension, sondern ebenso ein...

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