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Reviews of Samsung 40ES8000

Testseek.com have collected 92 expert reviews of the Samsung 40ES8000 and the average rating is 86%. Scroll down and see all reviews for Samsung 40ES8000.
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The editors liked

  • The beautifully thin Samsung UNES8000 LED TV seems to have come from a year or two in the future. Its massive feature set includes a touch-pad remote
  • IR blaster
  • Four pairs of 3D glasses
  • Motion and voice command
  • And the industry's most capable Smart TV
  • Ambitious user interface. Beautiful design. Excellent white and black levels. Accurate color. Comes with 3D glasses.
  • Sensational
  • Slimline design
  • Very good 2D and 3D pictures
  • Excellent Smart services
  • Dualcore picture quality
  • Great multimedia file support
  • Brilliant
  • Bright picture
  • Excellent black levels
  • Superb color accuracy
  • Gorgeous design
  • Upgradable hardware

The editors didn't like

  • Lighter black levels and imperfect screen uniformity hamper its picture significantly
  • Especially for such an expensive TV. Samsung charges too much for extra features that are largely unnecessary and poorly implemented
  • Voice
  • Motion
  • And touchpad controls are unreliable. Screen shows significant light bloom on the edges. Only three HDMI ports
  • Gesture system is currently very hard work
  • Provided picture presets are unhelpful
  • Backlight bleed possible unless output is low
  • Voice/gesture feels faddy
  • Needs tweaking for best pics
  • Pricey
  • Some light bleed from edges
  • Poor off-axis performance
  • Merciless with low-quality sources

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  Published: 2012-06-05, Author: Tony , review by: channelnews.com.au

  • Exceptional design; Inbuilt camera; Evolution Kit; Great support;
  • Peripheral connectivity; Halfcooked browser;

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  Published: 2012-06-05, Author: Tony , review by: smarthouse.com.au

  • Exceptional design; In, built camera; Evolution Kit; Great support;
  • Peripheral connectivity; Half, cooked browser;

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  Published: 2012-05-02, review by: techradar.com/au/

  • Irresistible design, Outstanding 2D, Very good 3D, Leading online system
  • Poor picture presets, Gesture control can frustrate, Backlight bleed with 3D, Average audio
  • Samsung is on typically aggressive form with the Samsung UE46ES8000, combining cutting-edge features with a gorgeous space-saving design and some of the best picture quality the LCD TV world has to offer. Particularly impressive are the set's attempts at ...

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  Published: 2013-03-06, Author: Cliff , review by: macworld.co.uk

  • slimline HD TV with excellent picture quality and ‘Smart’ Internet connectivity and apps
  • expensive, face-recognition and hand gestures are gimmicky
  • You don't have to spend a couple of grand to get all these features either, as Samsung makes a number of ‘Smart PVR' boxes that will work with your existing TV for about £200-£250

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  Published: 2012-12-06, review by: computeractive.co.uk

  • Abstract:  The UE48ES8000 is Samsung's 46in monster of a flagship TV. It doesn't seem quite as big as that number suggests thanks to a remarkably slim bezel, but it will still dominate most living rooms.The picture quality was strikingly good, especially on HD ch...

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  Published: 2012-12-03, review by: gadgetshow.channel5.com

  • Abstract:  Say hello to Samsung’s bad boy smart TV. This epic 55-incher has all the works, of course: 3D support, LED backlighting for stunning contrast, a super slim silver frame you’ll barely be able to make out from your perch on the sofa. But it’s also one br...

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  Published: 2012-10-10, review by: pocket-lint.com

  • Sleek design with thin bezel, good smart interface, light-up controller, generally good picture quality in both 2D and 3D forms, great Smart Hub interface, well-rounded sound
  • Picture lacks uniformity, flimsy 3D glasses, picture presets are too harsh, does a TV really need gesture control? no SD card slot, no custom EQ settings
  • Ignore the gesture control gimmicks and the core of this TV has some top features. Smart Hub is great, while image quality is good, but not the best in class. Considering the over-£2,000 price point we feel it makes for a good, solid TV rather than an ...

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  Published: 2012-09-27, Author: Danny , review by: itproportal.com

  • Features and innovative control systems, Superlative pictures, Stunning design
  • Expensive, Inaccurate gesture control, Noisy DVD playback
  • Make no bones about it – the UE55ES8000 is a magnificent TV. There aren't many sets that can match its incredible feature list and level of innovation. Voice and gesture control, touch-pad remote and face recognition make it feel like a TV from the futur...

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  Published: 2012-09-07, review by: whathifi.com

  • Crisp, detailed images, well-designed and friendly interface, great control app and interactive controls, extensive features
  • Pricey, not the finest DVD upscaler
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  Published: 2012-09-06, review by: hdtvorg.co.uk

  • Presumably in an effort to make daytime showroom pictures appear bright and vibrant, contrast and backlight presets are too high. With minor adjustments, you can enjoy the UE46ES8000 as it was meant to be - a trully great TV; with the added benefit of ...

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