About Us

What we do

Testseek is a review solution provider for brands, retailers, and other E-commerce related online portals.

Reviews define the online buying process. It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you are looking for. Reading about other peoples’ experiences before you buy is as natural as asking your friend’s advice.

Testseek helps businesses take advantage of this extremely valuable data which is spread across the Internet. We aggregate Expert reviews, Consumer reviews, Video reviews, and Product ratings, and standardize this data to make it available to our clients.

Today we have +90% of all the expert reviews published all over the Internet for more than 60 countries.

How Testseek came to be

In 2005, Fredrik Engdahl founded Testseek, because he realized that the Internet is full of product buying advice in different forms, such as Expert reviews, User reviews, Video reviews, forum posts, questions and answers, etc. But there was no single website making this extremely valuable data available to consumers. In a single spot. So he decided to create one.

Since 2012, Testseek teamed up with Icecat, a global product data catalog, combining product data and product reviews for the brands and retailers, as well as online marketing environments. In 2019, Icecat acquired Testseek and welcomed in its family of products and content services.

Who we are

At Testseek we’re a mixed team of techies, and in this melting pot we thrive and manage to stay ahead of the competition. Our headquarter is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our solution architects and software developers are based in the Republic of Serbia, while the editorial team is located in Ukraine.

What defines us is our mission and commitment to create awesome review products that:

  • Make a purchasing decision easier and help consumers to buy the best product.
  • Drive leads and help retailers to sell more products.
  • Connect consumers and manufacturers. Help brands to receive the timely feedback and effectively communicate the praise of their products.

About Us