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Check out the most frequently asked Questions & Answers about Testseek review services. If you didn’t find an answer, please do contact us.

Features, functionality, coverage etc:

I represent a global brand, what services can you offer me?

  • Expert Reviews
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Video Reviews
  • Business Intelligence

I represent a shopping portal, what services can you offer me?

  • Expert Reviews
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Video Reviews
  • Business Intelligence

How many reviews do you have for us?

It depends on what type of products you are selling/marketing. Testseek has +90% of all expert reviews for more than 30 countries. However some type of products are never reviewed by experts. Testseek has good coverage for products within IT, consumer electronics, mobile, gaming, telecom. Testseek doesn’t have reviews for products within apparel/clothing, jewellery.

Here are some useful numbers:

  • millions of unique product identifiers (MPN/EAN/UPC)
  • +350 product categories
  • +18.000 brands

Can I exclude specific reviews or sources?

Yes, you can exclude specific review. Alternatively, you can exclude the entire review source.

Can I show reviews only for specific languages?

Sure, you can specify which languages you want to show, and also order the languages as you wish.

How much does your solutions cost?

All services come with a monthly or annual license cost which depends on the setup you want. Contact us for more information.

NOTE: Open Testseek is free.

Technology, integration etc:

How can we integrate the reviews on our pages?

Testseek offer a number of solutions for integration on client pages:

Live API

  • 15 minutes integration: paste a piece of code on the product page, where you want the reviews to appear.
  • Embedded or pop-over (interactive ranking stars only) version.
  • Two ready-to-use design templates – minimalist and colorful.
  • Control which data is displayed by using our point-and-click configurator (B2B client dashboard).
  • Control the design with a locally stored template file.

XML Export API:

  • Firstly, Testseek will import and match up your product feed. Once this is accomplished, you can import a feed with the matched products and key review data.
  • Keep the data locally in your database.
  • Show review averages in category and search views.
  • No reliance on external servers
  • 100% customizable

Will your API work on my platform?

Our APIs are platform independent (js, ajax, html, xml).

Will my site be slower with Testseek Live API?

With the Live API there will be a smaller effect, because you are doing a request to external servers. However, our content will be loading in parallell to your own content, with no dependence. Therefore the effect is almost negliable. Our servers are placed strategically in different parts of the world to ensure speedy responses.

What happens if your servers go down?

The review data will not appear on your product pages temporarily, nevertheless your website will continue to work as normal. NOTE: this is relevant for Live API only, because XML export doesn’t effect your front end at all.

I get new products into my inventory every day, how does that effect things?

Testseek will keep updated on your new products automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

How can Testseek know which reviews are relevant for my products?

Testseek keeps unique identifiers for each of our products. Example of unique identifiers are EAN, UPC, MPN.

Testseek works with product catalog providers, distributors and retailers from all over the world and has millions of unique identifiers in the database. This data is continuously updated, so the new unique identifiers are coming into our database each day.

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