Consumer Reviews

Essential review solution for brands.
Up to 80% of online shoppers visit the brand’s product page before buying a product.
They expect to find reviews.


In the box below is an example of a response from our “Live API”.

Consumer Reviews

Key selling points

  • Using aggregated consumer reviews (or user reviews) ensures that your product pages always have reviews.
  • Summaries per retailer with a link for each retailer, going to a native country product page where the product can be purchased.
  • Set and forget solution — we do the heavy lifting of aggregation, standardization, and delivery of the content.
  • Easy integration via in-page insert LIVE API or XML export. Live API is a quick and easy integration option. But XML export will allow you to import all the review data.

How does it work?

  • You select your most important retail partners for each country.
  • Testseek will aggregate and standardize the reviews for your Brand from these retailers.
  • You can choose between using our Live API for installation on your pages OR we can feed you all the data via XML export.

FAQ – Consumer reviews

Who is this service for?

For Manufacturers, Brands, and Price comparison portals. To quickly populate the product pages with reviews and drive leads to key native country retailers. We highly recommend reading this Icecat blog post which concerns the usage of reviews in eCommerce.

Can you track sales on retailer pages?

Yes, talk to us and we’ll tell your more.

We want the data for Business Intelligence purposes, is this possible?

Yes, we have the comprehensive review data you may need for your business analysis purposes.

How do we get started?

The first step is always to reach out to us so we can discuss your unique requirements. You can always contact us at

Where do I go from here?

More questions?