Certified Reviews

“Certified Reviews by Testseek” badge denotes that the reviews are authentic, unbiased and of high quality. Also, that consumers can feel safe, because they will get trustworthy and honest advice from reviews.

Additionally, it implies that Testseek acts as a third party, and it handles the reviews with no dependencies in relation to the sellers or the product manufacturers.

How Testseek certifies reviews?

Testseek manages reviews of different types: Expert reviews, Consumer reviews, and Video reviews. Each review type presents its own challenges for ensuring authenticity and quality. Therefore, the certification process deviates for each review type. Nevertheless, we always combine manual (performed by humans) and machine-driven evaluation routines for the best results.

For instance, to certify Expert reviews — our editorial team manually inspects each review publication and critically evaluates from a fixed set of parameters. A few examples of such parameters, relevant for the process of approving a new expert review publication:

Icecat reviews
  • The publisher must be independent (no affiliation with manufacturers or sellers).
  • The publisher must have (historically) published a specific number of reviews. Otherwise, Testseek will rule out publications as non-experts.
  • The reviews have to be “hands-on”, meaning that the editor must have actually used and tested the product. An abundance of “fake” reviews exist on the Internet, these are all discarded.
  • The publication’s product evaluation process must be relevant to the type of product examined.
  • The publisher must operate from a domain they own and control.

The above is just an example of one process. Testseek employs many more (commercially reasonable) efforts in its certification process.

Our automatic processes encompass techniques for detecting “spammy” or fraudulent data and behavior. We’re striving to filter out automatically submitted reviews, irrelevant or degrading content, or self-promotion. Naturally, we employ a multitude of automatic processes for detecting other types of irrelevant, faulty, or incorrect data.

Most importantly, Testseek dedicated editorial team makes the great impact. The hard work of our editors distinguishes Testseek from the competitors in terms of data quality and authenticity.