Video Reviews

Video reviews have gone from “nice to have” to “need to have”. Already, many online shoppers bypass traditional product research channels and instead go directly to Youtube to research products by watching videos.

Texts and images is a must of course, but a video can convey how a product actually looks and feels.

Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average, thus decreasing the bounce rates [Comscore].

Retail site visitors who view video are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors [Comscore].

Looks aren’t everything, but it does effect how you visitors feel towards your site. A content rich site converts better.

Video reviews

Key features

  • We standardize all video reviews on language, which means that our clients can present localized video content when targeting audiences from different areas in the world.
  • Video type is another standardization that is important; Review, Unboxing, Guide and Official are examples of video types.
  • Video stream quality is also standardized, like HD or 4K.
  • Interactive voting on video usefulness. It creates user interaction and allows our clients to order the videos after how useful they are to their visitors.
  • Embedded video player; our Live API is as easy as a copy-paste integration. Its embedded video player means that visitors can watch videos without leaving your site.
  • Meta data is a number of useful data entities which we collect for each video; publication, publish date, video length etc.

FAQ – Videos

Who is this service for?

Our video aggregation is for Brands who want to enrich their product pages with video content.

Where do the videos come from?

All videos are aggregated from Youtube, since all videos exists on Youtube, we see no point in adding additional sources.

Can you provide videos for all our products?

We give the guarantee that we have +90% of all videos which have been posted to Youtube about your products.

What about ads in videos?

Youtube allows third parties to embed their videos, provided that the videos are still hosted by Youtube (not downloaded) which means that some videos will have ads. Basically the ads are the “price” you have to pay for reusing video content posted to Youtube.

How does it work?

Our crawlers go to work, starting from your product feed

Our editors standardize the videos and map them up to your products

Videos are presented on your product pages, either using our APIs.

Where do I go from here?

More questions?