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Add expert reviews to your product pages and reap the benefits in the form of increased conversion rates and customer loyalty.

User Reviews

Are you suffering from the “Be the first to review”-problem? Use Testseek’s aggregated user reviews solution to fill up those product pages with reviews now.


Videos make product pages more interactive and attractive to visitors as they bring the look-and-feel dimension to otherwise often stale product pages.

98% of consumers say reviews have MAJOR influence on their purchasing decisions SteelHouse, 2012

Why Testseek?


We understand that the key to our own success is data quality, because that is what our clients expect.

We provide our clients with unbiased product review content which fits naturally into their product pages and gives their visitors what they want (what all online shoppers want); unbiased authentic reviews. The result is happier visitors which convert into customers more often and which come back again to make more purchases…

If you sell or market products online, you should talk to us!

Worldwide reach and coverage with almost real-time data updates.

Our team of human editors ensures business leading data quality.

Testseek has 10 years in the business and is trusted by top global brands and retailers.

“ rely on expert reviews from Testseek. Offering our customers completely unbiased professional product reviews that are taken from a multitude of sources. Allowing them to make informed buying decisions without leaving our website.”

/Alan Stanley,

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