What is it?

Open Testseek displays a Testseek branded summary from all aggregated reviews.

In our Open Testseek service, we offer a free solution for adding unbiased and trusted review content to any product page.

Open Testseek displays an intelligent summary of all the aggregated reviews. The summary serves as the collective opinion of the global expert review community. To make it really easy for your visitors to understand the meaning of our summary, we calculate an overall average score, which is simply the average score from all review scores.

Having review content on your product pages is important for conversion rates, customer loyalty and other factors which help turn visitors into customers. In fact, a study done by Expo concluded that reviews are nearly 12 times more trusted than product information coming from the manufacturer.

FAQ about Open Testseek

In the box below is an example of a response from our “Live API”.

Features, functionality, coverage etc:

Is it really 100% free?

Yes, it is really 100% free. We provide this service because it’s a win-win situation; we help you add unbiased and trustworthy review content to you product pages and you help us build an broader awareness around the Testseek brand.

I see no external reviews in the Open Testseek?

We have a large organization working with the aggregation and standardization of online reviews. In fact, we have +90% of all expert reviews which are published online for more than 30 countries. It is our core business and what we deliver to clients in our paid services. We do not offer them in Open Testseek, but we do offer anyone a 1 month free trial on our paid services.

How many of my products do you have reviews for?

It’s impossible to say without doing a full coverage analysis on your product catalog. Testseek has reviews for millions of unique productsIDs (MPN, EAN, UPC). What is most important is that we have reviews for you most viewed products and if you are selling products within IT/CE we can guarantee that. Typically you will see that 80% of all your product page-views are for your 100 most sold products. These products are often reviewed by experts and thus we’ll have good coverage for them.

Technical questions:

I'd like to change the look and feel a bit, is that possible?

Yes it is, our the server response from our Live API is in JSON but the formatting of the content is done by a locally stored template (combined JS, HTML, CSS) which you may modify. However you are not allowed to remove any Testeek branding or links.

How can your API know which reviews to display?

Testseek Live API requires that the API request contains a unique product identifier, like ; MPN, EAN or UPC. The Live API uses this to determine which review data to include in the response. If we don’t have your product identifier in our system, then the response will be empty, meaning that no review content will be displayed. For full documentation; open a free Testseek B2B account and login.

Do you support my ecommerce system?

Testseek Live API supports any system as it is platform independent. You will need some limited knowledge about coding to integrate it. When you login to your B2B account you will have full access to the configurator, documentation and code examples.